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Data analytics job demand to surge by 23% by 2031, offering the chance to become a master and lead the market.


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DATA ANALYTICS are dominated by Data Analytics, with a significant 25% share in the job market. Following closely behind are Data Science and Full-Stack Development.

Program summary

Our comprehensive Data Analyst certification program encompasses the essential analytics tools and methodologies to proficiently analyse large datasets. This course encompasses vital subjects, including SQL database manipulation, Python programming, data visualization creation, and the application of statistics and predictive analytics in a business context. Moreover, you will cultivate proficiency in various data visualization techniques utilizing Power BI, along with data organization and dashboard design skills.

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Skills You Will Acquire
data visualization Data Visualisation
data visualization Data Querying
data governace Data Governance
data exploration.png Data Exploration
Course Module

  1. Understanding Excel Interface
  2. Installation and Microsoft Terms and Conditions
  3. Basic Excel Shortcuts
  4. Data Visualisation in Excel
  5. Conditional Formatting, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Pivot Table
  6. Dashboard Presentation in Excel

  1. Introduction To Python Programming
  2. Installation of Anaconda Navigator
  3. Data Types in Python
  4. Operations in Python
  5. Control Structures in Python
  6. Functions
  7. OOPs in Python (Optional)
  8. Python For Data Science
  9. Introduction to & Operations in NumPy
  10. Indexing NumPy Arrays
  11. Pandas Series and DataFrames
  12. Operations
  13. Groupby Functions
  14. Joining, Concatenating and merging DataFrames
  15. Data Visualisation In Python
  16. Data Visualisation Using Matplotlib
  17. Data Visualisation Using Seaborn
  18. Exploratory Data Analysis
  19. Web Scraping
  20. Data Wrangling
  21. Data Preparation
  22. Missing Value Imputation
  23. EDA

  1. Introduction To Database Design
  2. Various Constraints in SQL
  3. Star Schema
  4. Database Creation and Modification in MySQL workbench
  5. Queries in SQL
  6. Combining Tables
  7. Advanced Filtering
  8. SQL Transactions, Variables and Procedures

  1. Descriptive Statistics
  2. Types of Data
  3. Population VS Sample
  4. Central Tendency
  5. Standard Deviation
  6. Measures of Dispersion
  7. Correlation
  8. Inferential Statistics
  9. Probability and Probability Distribution
  10. Binomial Distribution
  11. Normal Distribution
  12. Z-Score
  13. Standard Normal Distribution
  14. T Distribution
  15. Central Limit Theorem
  16. Hypothesis Testing
  17. Null and Alternative Hypothesis
  18. Significant Level
  19. T-Statistics
  20. P-value
  21. Type I and Type II Error
  22. Practical Examples

  1. Introduction To Machine Learning
  2. Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  3. Introduction to scikit-learn
  4. Understanding Classification problems, regression problem, dependent and independent variables
  5. Train, Test and Optimize regression and Classification Models
  6. Supervised Learning
  7. Linear Regression
  8. Logistic Regression
  9. Decision Tree
  10. Unsupervised Learning : Clustering
  11. Introduction to clustering problems
  12. K-Means Clustering
  13. Other Types of Clustering

  1. Data Visualisation Using Power BI
  2. Introduction to Power BI
  3. Tableau vs Power BI
  4. Measure and Calculative Columns
  5. DAX Functions
  6. Data Visualisation and Storytelling
  7. Business Problem Solving (Domain-Oriented Case Study)
  8. Data Visualisation Using Tableau (Public Version) - Optional Content
  9. Introduction to Tableau
  10. Tableau Basics
  11. Various Important Charts
  12. Interactive Dashboard Presentation
  13. Data Storytelling
  14. Importance of Data Storytelling
  15. Components of Good Story
  16. Presenting Story in Memorable way

  1. Understanding Cloud Technology
  2. Introduction to Cloud and AWS setup
  3. Basic services of AWS
  4. Introduction To Big Data
  5. Introduction
  6. Google’s Big Data Approach: Introduction to Hadoop

  1. Domain-Based Capstone Projects - Learning Outcome
  2. Problem Statement and Project Objectives
  3. Approach for the Solution
  4. Optimum Solutions
  5. Evaluation Metrics
  6. Gathering Actionable insights
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The course welcomes individuals from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. It is an ideal choice for those who are currently in a non-technical domain but have a desire to acquire job-ready data analytics skills.

No prior technical knowledge is necessary for this course.

Yes, the program includes live project practice for hands-on training.

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PRO TRAINING TECH offers internships and placement assistance to deserving students upon completing the course, taking into account their accomplishments and capabilities.

Successful completion of this course opens up multiple career opportunities in the field of data analytics. Learners will be qualified to pursue job roles such as Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Data Privacy Analyst, Operations Analyst, Data Visualization Specialist, and more.
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