Cyber Security Essentials

PRO TRAINING TECH's Cybersecurity Essentials Program is a comprehensive training program that delves into critical aspects of cybersecurity. It offers comprehensive coverage of network security, data protection, risk management, disaster recovery, and incident response, providing participants with a well-rounded understanding of cybersecurity practices.


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Program summary

The Cybersecurity Essentials Program we offer has been meticulously developed to facilitate learners' entry into the cybersecurity field. It encompasses all the essential elements of cybersecurity and provides learners with a comprehensive knowledge base, setting them up for future advanced courses and career growth in the domain.

Who is eligible for this training?

Skills You Will Acquire

Powershell Attacks
Detection of vulnerabilities
Web Application Security
Basics of Network Security
Course Module

  1. Basic of computer network
  2. Explain network & types of network
  3. Understand & compare Broad network categories
  4. DUnderstand and Explain OSI Model
  5. Describe 7 layers of OSI
  6. Explain PDU in OSI model
  7. Explain types of networking media
  8. Understand and explain coaxial cables, Twisted pair cables, Fiber optic cables
  9. Understand straight cable & crossover cable
  10. Structured Cabling
  11. Understand networking devices and its use
  12. Understand and Explain Topology and it need
  13. Explain different types of physical topologies used in networking
  14. Understand about ip address
  15. Explain about IP Version 4 classes and Subnet Mask
  16. Configuring and verifying IP Address
  17. Understand and explain about TCP/IP
  18. Compare OSI Model and TCP/IP Model
  19. Explain Layer in TCP/IP Model
  20. Understanding Ports and Protocol
  21. Details of Subnetting
  22. Router Configuration & Firewall Rules
  23. What is VPN and How it's Work
  24. Understanding Web Application Structure
  25. Detailed in Html Request And Response
  26. Linux Basic Commands
  27. Introduction To Cloud Computing
  28. Cloud Computing Models
  29. Benefits Of Cloud Computing
  30. Private Cloud
  31. Hybrid Cloud
  32. Software As A Service (SAAS)
  33. Platform As A Service(PAAS)
  34. Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS)

  1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  2. Lab Setup
  3. Steps of Ethical Hacking
  4. Google Hacking Using Dorks Demo
  5. What is Nmap
  6. Port and Service Scanning with Nmap
  7. Nmap Various Command
  8. Network Scanning using Nmap
  9. Network Vulnerability Scanning using Nessus
  10. Making Report After Successful Scan
  11. What is Metasploit
  12. Exploit using Metasploit
  13. Windows 7 Hacking using Zero-Day
  14. Windows 10 Hacking using msfvenom
  15. Android Hacking using msfvenom
  16. Wireshark
  17. How to intercept Login details from network using Wireshark
  18. Denial of Service Attack
  19. Wifi Password Hacking using aircrack-ng
  20. How to secure Wifi Network

  1. Web Application Testing Methodology
  2. OWASP Top 10 -2022
  3. What is Sql Injection vulnerability
  4. Types of Sql Injection
  5. Sql-Injection Exploit using Sqlmap
  6. Business impact of Sql Injection vulnerability
  7. How to Resolve the issue from application
  8. What is XSS vulnerability
  9. Types of Cross-site Scripting vulnerability
  10. Demonstration of XSS
  11. How to Resolve the issue from application
  12. Directory Listing Vulnerability
  13. Demonstration of Directory Listing vulnerability
  14. What is Data Tampering vulnerability
  15. Demonstration of Data Tampering
  16. File Upload Vulnerability
  17. What is web shell hacking
  18. Demonstration of this vulnerability
  19. Cross Site Request Forgery
  20. Demonstration of this vulnerability
  21. Insecure Direct Object Reference
  22. Report Making in Web Application VAPT

  1. Social Engineering Attack
  2. SE toolkit Tutorial
  3. RAT Tutorial

  1. Mobile Device Architecture and common mobile threats
  2. Android Architecture
  3. Reverse Engineering and Static Application Analysis
  4. Best practices and security guidelines for the mobile applications

  1. Intro to PowerShell Scripting
  2. Powershell commands for Pentester
  3. PowerShell with Metasploit Meterpreter
Tools Included
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No, there is no prerequisite for enrolling into the program. Anybody willing to learn about cybersecurity can join the program.

No prior technical knowledge is necessary for this course.

Yes, the program includes live project practice for hands-on training.

This course covers the basics of cybersecurity. Internship and placement assistance is available with other core courses from pro training tech.

The Academic Mentoring team will be there to clear all your doubts regarding the course, round the clock. For more details book a free consultation now.

This course creates your base about the skills you need to learn before taking up the core cybersecurity courses.

Successful completion of this course opens up multiple career opportunities in the field of data analytics. Learners will be qualified to pursue job roles such as Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Data Privacy Analyst, Operations Analyst, Data Visualization Specialist, and more.
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Gain insights from experienced industry professionals with extensive expertise in the field

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Work on real-time projects that can be showcased to potential employers

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Receive assistance in securing job placements upon course completion and certification

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Participate in 100% practical and lab-based classes, available both online and offline

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Access a job-ready curriculum tailored to provide in-demand industry skills

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